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The importance of drain cleaning.

Having a clean drain is an important aspect of any home maintenance. A drain that is not clean, can cause a number of issues over time. Such as blockages and smells. Making a simple drain cleaning job leads to bigger unblocking jobs. When it comes to the cleaning and unblocking of drains there is no better technique than the high-pressure jet clean. As drains and sewers can become clogged by debris, sediment and grime that builds over time, using a drain cleaning machine such as a high-pressure cleaner is the best way to avoid any catastrophic build-up.

Why the high-pressure drain cleaning is the best method for your drain cleaning

What is High-pressure jet cleaning?

The high-pressure jet drain cleaning method is to utilise extreme high-speed streams of water to blast away dirt, muck, grease and grime. The Pressurized water is forced through a small hole in the jet nozzle, resulting in a fast-moving stream of water that is capable of blasting and cutting through almost any blocked drain and drain pipes

Why high-pressure cleaning is the best method.

Compared to the use of conventional drain rods or snaking methods, High-Pressure Drain Cleaning is by far superior and yields optimal results. It also helps ensure hair, soap residue, oil build-up, mineral deposits, and other debris are effectively eradicated from your drainage pipes.

Why you should consider using Vital Plumbing

As cleaning your drain needs to be done effectively to avoid debris and sediment build-up, using the right jetting machine is important to make sure the job is done correctly. These machines can sometimes be costly and therefore not worth owning one yourself. However with Vital Plumbing, not only do we own the equipment needed but we also have the right experience in handling the high-pressure cleaner. Whether it be the correct way to clean a drain as well as safety that comes from high-pressure jet drain cleaning. As you are using a high-powered water hose, which can cause a lot of pain if you accidentally spray yourself.

Vital Plumbing is the right choice for all your plumbing needs.

Vital Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing and drains cleaning services. We assist customers in all plumbing and drain cleaning in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance sectors throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape. Contact us for all plumbing and drain cleaning services.

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Vital Plumbing's founding philosophy is based on two basic requirements, these being absolutely NO compromising on a professional adept service and that of using the finest building materials available with NO compromise on the installation thereof by our well trained and dedicated plumbers. In addition to these philosophies we are constantly researching and testing new materials and installation methods that are introduced into the current construction industry in our quest to provide our clients with the best service in the quickest time at a fair price.

It is no coincidence that the majority of our work is acquired through referrals and repeat business from clients with whom we have established longstanding, solid working relations; such is the confidence of our marketplace in the study, execution and quality of our workmanship.

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“What makes Vital Plumbing stand out is their rapid response time. Their scale allows them to have a team close by whenever we need them. That’s key in the building industry.”

Neill Courtney-Clark
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